Recycled Hearts Records

A Music Label about Empathy

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What is RHR?
RHR is a DIY cassette/Cd label and you, my friend, are reading the about section. Thank you. RHR consists of just two people: Colton and Samantha. Here are our founding principles:
Non-Destructive by Reused and Recycled Parts:
When possible, RHR uses non-destructive materials such as reusing tapes by recording over previous cassette tapes, reusing old cassette cases, using 100% recycled paper for J-cards, and recycling ink cartridges.
Besides promote music, this label is intended to give back in empathy to people and causes that are important to us at RHR.
Transparent Non-Profit
RHR is run by working class people and is designed to sell to working class people. Our pricing only includes the donation and enough to keep the label running. This is not for profit. Any money collected and spent will be available to all to see with monthly reports.