Recycled Hearts Records

A Music Label about Empathy

The Brains Behind the Operations @ RHR
  1. Colton Shane P.
    Colton Shane P.
    The Producer/Promoter
  2. Peaches P. ("Mr. Fluff")
    Peaches P. ("Mr. Fluff")
    The Mastermind
  3. Baron Praxis P.
    Baron Praxis P.
    The Philosopher
  4. Samantha Mae W.
    Samantha Mae W.
    The Artist
  1. Cuddles Smith
    Cuddles Smith
    The Negotiator
  2. "Mr. Snuggles"
    "Mr. Snuggles"
    The Revolutionary
  3. Fuzzle P. ("SuperStar")
    Fuzzle P. ("SuperStar")
    The Assassin
  4. Puffin P. ("Puff Daddy")
    Puffin P. ("Puff Daddy")
    The Tank