Cassettes for Skate Punk Band, Uphill Struggle

A Wise Man's Hell

"Please, Sit down beside me, stay a little longer, I could really use a helping hand…"

Song: Losses

Band: Uphill Struggle

Album: A Wise Man’s Hell

Genre: Skate-Punk

It may seem odd that the first release done by a small Florida label for 2020 is a punk band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark. It may seem even weirder that I do not believe either could travel to each other due to Coronavirus concerns especially as Florida become a hot spot for the virus. On July 4 alone, Florida (11,458) almost reached the number of positive cases for a single day that Denmark (13,101) experienced so far. That may be the reason that I shipped the band their cassettes early March and they only just arrived the ending of June. In any case, A Wise Man’s Hell is definitely worth a wait.

From the very first note, their sound throws me directly to the 90s: Pennywise, Millencolin, and a pinch of 7Seconds and Face to Face are the bands these 6 well-defined songs and varied melodies remind me of. 8/10”


I am not going to pretend to review an album, cuz that’s not a strong suit of mine, but I did want to give a little info about them and such. Based on their Facebook info, they formed in 2015. Their previous release called, “Fools Paradise” was released in 2017, and a single of that album “Fragments” was featured on our third compilation mixtape called “Inner Strength” near the end of 2018. I don’t remember if I actually listened to “A Wise Man’s Hell” before agreeing to do tapes. I do remember getting contacted by them seeing if we would share their post and new album, and I knew I wanted to be apart of it in some way.  In true punk diy fashion we exchanged cassettes for vinyl.  -I also got a couple hats and stickers, thanks for that.-

A Wise Man’s Hell is six fast songs that barely go under 20 minutes. On both vinyl and cassette both sides are a “side A” with all songs on each side. The setup was configured by the band, and honestly I really like it that way. It means I don’t have to get up and changes sides as often. It’s not that I am too lazy (okay it might be) but I do think there is something special in listening to the album in its entirely.

Four guys that have been listening to punk rock since the early 90’s. Influenced by bands like Pennywise, NoFx, Bad Religion, Satanic Surfers, Millencollin and many more. UPHILL STRUGGLE like to keep things “simple”, with a twist, and fast!
The songs are mainly about everyday life, the good and the bad, the things that piss you off, and the fun stuff that comes around. With Denis’ (Voc/guitar) unique voice, Kåres kickass bass strumming, Henriks fast pounding drums, and Mickys energized guitar, UPHILL STRUGGLE play melodic skatepunk with an ambition of giving the crowd and the fans, a great experience


Our part was making cassettes, while those are long gone, we do still have a couple of the vinyl that will be uploaded to our store soon. 

The Album can be found throughout Europe and North America! Including the follow records stores and distros:


  • Recycled Hearts Records(us)- Florida, USA

 Be sure to follow their socials and also check out their rad music video of “Slow Down” My favorite part is when it zooms in on the light bulb cuz why not? The song was also recently featured on Punk Rock Mag Vol 2!

(This article was originally found on our old site in 2020). 

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