Shine On

Shine On

Artist: College Radio

Album: Shine On

Genre: Pop Punk

 "From broken bones and broken homes, Let’s light the matches and set our hearts on fire! This is the anthem of our life”

How history portrays the year of 2020 is anyone’s guess, and year is only half over! As I found myself at home more than usual, I tried to give attention to making cassettes. I would end up releasing 3 different bands during the spring and summer. The first was College Radio.

College Radio hails from the gloomy Emerald City of Seattle, WA. A 4 piece Mixing traditional pop punk with a Seattle alternative twist. …Loud guitars, big drums and catchy hooks and a Northwest vibe!


Shine On is 27 minutes consisting of 7 songs, including their e.p. “Love” and their previous singles since 2018. This will be a good album to catch you up in case you have been sleeping on them especially with the announcements at the end of this article. But, keep reading, don’t just skip to the end!

Side A:

  • Love
  • Take Me Home
  • Anthem of Tomorrow
  • Thoughtless

Side B:

  • Shine On
  • Northwest
  • Comatose

Besides cassette, you can also find these songs on YouTube and Spotify.

Perhaps its due to many of the songs being singles, but each song is well defined experience that could match up to any in the current scene of pop punk. My personal favorite is “Anthem of Tomorrow.” You can pick up a cassette via our webstore, or you can even get it apart of a deal when buying College Radio t-shirts and more!

This is a link to their webstore via bandcamp!

From the dark ashes you’ll see my love burns for you and me!


Also this year, our friends at Promises Kept Collective will be releasing College Radio songs on vinyl and cassette too! Brandon the brains behind Promises Kept Collective and his podcast, “Hey, How’s it going” have been a good friend of ours. Promises Kept is also putting together a VHS with proceeds going to charity. May have to stop by a thrift store for a VHS player, unless you’re a noise artist or something and have that kind of thing still. I will also be able to watch all my old Pokemon VHS too, and cry through Disney’s Treasure’s Planet with song about the dad leaving. Ah, the memories.

College Radio has also been very busy this summer. While they have been teasing a new single -titled or not titled- Untitled, they did early July release an Alkaline Trio live cover of “This Could Be Love” on their Bandcamp. It is also the place to get College Radio merch including a limited supply of masks.

New Song Coming Soon!

Releasing music is not all they have been up to though, via Ever Metal, fans can learn all sorts of personal details about the band. I won’t give anything away, but I always like band interviews. So often, I find myself trying to distant the music from the artist when the artist fucks up or is inappropriate with a minor. Why is that so common? Anyway, So, I think it’s cool also being able to connect a band to their music too through a personal level. It may lead to some insights on their meaning behind their songs. Art can be cool like that with multiple meanings to different people. There is the original artist’s perspective, and there is also a listener who interprets their own meaning as they listen. So if you want to know what it’s like in College Radio just read Ever Metal’s interview with Gordon, Taylor, Evan, and Mike

Also, at the end of June, College Radio announced partnership with Third String Records. That’s pretty cool. Some other bands to check out or that you may have heard already is Assuming We Survive and Forever Starts Today. So listen to their songs now via Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube… I have nothing but positive words to say about them! I am sure this is only the beginning for them, so hop on the bandwagon early by liking their Facebook and following Instagrams.


(This was the article posted on our old website July 10,2020. That summer we did three cassette only releases: College Radio, Midnight Movie, and Las Ritas. Sadly, this is the only one I did a write up about at the time)

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