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Slow Rainy September

After a moderately successful August, September came and went without much activity for Recycled Hearts.


The month was one of new beginnings. The stress of whether or not my grant funded program- day job-  will continue into October came to an end middle of the month when I found out that yes the program in some capacity but not with me onboard. It was devastating news to me as I had held onto hope for a different outcome. Thus I started a new job already, one that I think will suit me just fine, yet has been an exhausting couple of weeks nonetheless.

Hurricane Ian:

Hurricane Ian Pathway


Since Hurricane Ian was given a name, We were in the projected path receiving a direct hit to Pinellas/ Tampa Bay that has not happened for the last hundred years. The day before the hurricane should have made landfall, the path changed to a much further south position along the coast. Our area has received some rain, wind, and some power outages, but nothing like what was predicted. Our thoughts are with those that did receive the blunt of it down south. I will look into mutual aid orgs, that we may be able to help. 

Market on Florida:

Market on Florida postponed


On the Recycled Hearts side, we were set to be at an art market on September 19th, but it was canceled due to weather. It has been rescheduled to October 15th. This will be my first time at this market both as a participant and as a shopper. I am not that familiar with the location in Tampa, but it is at the Black Radish Grocer, which the St. Pete location has been a donator of food to Food Not Bombs St. Pete. 

St Pete Indie Flea Market:

Since the previous market was postponed into middle October, our first market should be the St. Pete Indie Flea Market on Sunday October 2nd! This may be subject to change due to Hurricane Ian.


Indie Flea Oct 2 Poster


St Pete Punk Rock Flea Market:

St Pete Punk Flea Market

The return of this market is much anticipated by us and is set for November 12.

Monthly Punk Box:

During this month, we discovered and reached out to “Punk Box.” This is a subscription service in which every month, a subscriber gets punk gear, music, and more in the mail. We are happy to announce that we will be apart of this service and you may find buttons from us starting in October or November

Punk Box Flyer

New Buttons:

I have been in the process of still uploading buttons onto our store. Some have yet to be made, and others are sitting waiting on me to have time to upload pictures. This month I did create a couple buttons by our artist: Sami as well as some memes from Tik Tok. 

Adonis Boyd

the indie artist from Ohio had me create a couple more CDs from the Adonis Boyd/ Drifting Thing Split from 2020. We do not have a whole lot of these supplies left, and may be picked up by reaching out to him or us directly. 

Adonis Boyd

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