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Just another snarky millennial/gen z with a tongue-in-cheek sense of dark humor. With the isolation of late stage capitalism and mental illness, I make art and lead this project with the intention of helping others and myself in the process. Gotta do something, I guess :)

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Painter, artist, and jewelry maker. I am open about having Borderline Personality Disorder and recovering from trauma.

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The Ghost Vaquero artist

The Ghost Vaquero

Hello, my name is Devin Gonzales, and I am the entity behind TheGhostVaquero. I am a being of the VOID. I have spent many years mastering and creating a unique style in my visual art but also, I have expanded my talents to include Music Production, and Story Writing. I use these skills in conjuction to express my perception of reality. My thirst for knowledge is all consuming, I continue to add skills to my repertorie every day. Throughtout the vast Void of my mind, you may find things you never thought possible. For I am the Originator, and all Perception is my Conception. Because, I am a God, and so are ALL of you...

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