Band Collaboration!

All the bands and musicians that we have collaborated with since 2018. While bands remain independent from us, we work hard to promote them and release physical music copies via CDs, formerly cassettes, and rarely Vinyl.

Houseworth, A solo acoustic emo pop punk musician


Acoustic Pop-Punk Ballads out of Lancaster, Ohio.

Houseworth would first appear on our second compliation album. Later releasing full length album of "Sleeping with Ghosts Again" and a split with Drifting Thing.

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Drifting Thing, Acoustic/Folk singer-songwriter from Northeast Ohio


Playing in local punk acts Dakota Spells Disaster and Awful Honesty for the better part of a decade helped to shape DriftingThing's songwriting style; personal, emotional and a little bit punk.Highly influenced by artists like Matt Skiba, Anthony Raneri, Frank Turner and Chuck Ragan, Drifting Thing's brand of acoustic/folk can be driving without the distortion.

RHR would help with the release of EPs Die Young and When It's Over. Before releasing a split with Houseworth.

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Adonis Boyd, Indie Punk Ohio Musician

Adonis Boyd

Indie Punk Artist from Ohio!

RHR released cassettes of his album, "The Dream." Around the same time, we released a CD/Cassette split with Adonis Boyd and Drifting Thing. Our store still has a couple copies of the CD split.

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Uphill Struggle, denmark skate punk

Uphill Struggle

Skatepunk / Melodic HC influenced by the good old 90’s punk scene. One of the few skatepunk bands in Denmark

Featured first on a compilation ablum of ours, I made cassettes and traded them for vinyl (and two hats I wore into the ground) with the band of their album "A Wise Man's Hell"

They remain the only international order I have shipped, and also the only band/musician I have sold vinyl of their music.


While we have ran out of copies, we have worked with the following:

Misery Melody

Cassette Releases: Las Ritas, College Radio, Midnight Movie, No This is Patrick!, Alex Retro

Comp Albums: This Time Last Year, B Fame, The Skategoats, One Life to Lead, All Better, One Last Embrace, Mainsail, Pastures, Makeshift, Persona, Eddie and the Arsons, Saturday Grim, Melody Misery, Bad Posture, Almost Made the Mixtape, Willow Bay, Second Charm, Jenn Lombari, Half Eaten Apple, Going Under, Lucky United, Writing Ghosts, Toward the Sky, Millennial Daze, Eve of Spring, Mr. Next, Pinky's Brain, 20 Days Dull, Daggerplay, Worm, Lucky 33, Mo (r) ons, North Grant, Black Tree Suns, The Afraid, The Nunchuck Bastards, The Kimota Bombs, Toy Box Brigade, Good Luck Ugly!, Cranberry Mars, River of the Same Name,