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Queer Pride Flag Button

Queer Pride Flag Button

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-Please Note This is a Pre-Order, I have not been able to print these buttons yet, but should be done by the end of the week by August 13, 2022. If you order anything with these buttons, they will ship together.-

Identifier for individuals and/or the community of people who are not cisgender heterosexual.

It can be used instead of, or in addition to, other identifiers of sexual orientation, such as lesbianbisexual, or gay.

Queer can also refer to gender identity or gender expression, whether as a standalone term or part of another like genderqueer. The "Q" in LGBTQIA+ and similar acronyms commonly means Queer. As a reclaimed word, it has been used in fights for LGBTQIA+ rights and liberation as an inclusive and sometimes defiant term.


Punk Mutual Aid

10% is donated to mutual aid! Mutual Aid can be summed up to "Community helping community." These funds may go to feeding the hungry, harm reduction, mental health awareness, neuro-diversity groups, abortion funds, and many more.

Metal Pin-Back Buttons

All of our buttons are made in-house with a 1.75 in machine by TECRE. With a metal pin backside, these buttons hold onto fabric and can be used daily with little wear. The 1.75in size allows for a more readable clear image with more space for artwork than the standard 1in. The paper used behind is HP Presentation paper which will surely make the image pop!

Artist Assist

Artists are paid for their designs and artwork! "For Exposure" doesn't pay rent. If Recycled Hearts assisted the artists by either buying materials or producing the finished product, the artists gets 20% of the sale. If our role is simply a helping hand in the sale, the artist gets 70%.

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    Any "in-house" products are eligible for free USA shipping on orders over $25. This includes Cds, Stickers, Buttons, etc. Unfortantely, we can not offer this for the "PrintFul" items.

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